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Genesis Financial Solutions


Genesis Financial Solutions
Genesis Financial Solutions
Booth # 1731
Beaverton, OR
United States

Genesis is the leader of second-look financing through our extensive finance experience, product innovation, and dedication to exceptional customer service. Genesis continually outperforms competing secondary lenders with our configurable programs, underwriting, and consumer scoring model.  Our technology pre-approves more non-prime consumers and achieves a higher consumer approval rate than competing programs.

We believe in second-look finance solutions that are affordable, fast, and effective for retailers and their customers. Our programs increase sales, build customer loyalty, and provide valuable non-prime consumers with a prime-like experience.  Learn more at

Genesis partners with the nation’s top retailer/service providers in…

• Home Furnishings                   • Electronics and Appliances

• Home Improvement               • Consumer Fitness

• Fine Jewelry                              • Healthcare

Products & Services Categories: Credit Card, Finance