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Generix Group is a global technology provider in the collaborative supply chain industry. With presence in over 60 countries, Generix Group empowers manufacturers, logistic service providers (3PL/4PL), retailers, wholesalers, and distributors with efficient and productive order fulfillment across the supply chain journey.

GenerixGroup’s solutions are designed to accelerate today’s collaborative supplychains. With more than 6,000 companies around the world using Generix Group’s solutions, clients such as Carrefour, Danone, Domino’s Pizza, Bombardier Transportation, FM Logistic, Fnac-Darty, Essilor, Ferrero, and Geodis are operational proof of the success in the digital transformation of supply chain.

We offer solutions such as WMS, MES, TMS, EDI, e-Invoicing, VMI and more.

Founded in 1990 in France, the company is listed on the Eurolist market of the Euronext Paris stock exchange, compartment C (ISIN: FR0004032795).



SOLOCHAIN WMS enables companies to track and trace inventory, as well as manage their workforce, with real-time visibility, while automating increased workflow throughput with advanced business rules.

Generix TMS

Generix Group’s SOLOCHAIN™ TMS transportation management system (TMS) gives you a centralized view of all transportation activities throughout your organization. Get daily, centralized visibility on all transportation costs.

Generix MES

Building on the modular SOLOCHAIN™ platform, SOLOCHAIN™ MES enables manufacturers to achieve the highest levels of inventory accuracy, productivity, and waste elimination throughout their operations.

Generix Collaborative Replenishment (VMI)

To increase frequency of deliveries while reducing transport costs, the SSH : Shared Supplies Management allows for the sharing of logistical and transport resources between several manufacturers.

Generix EDI Services

With Generix EDI Platform Software, the company supports these challenges and modernizes its multi-firm trade capabilities. The solution speeds up and simplifies your integration projects.