Flame Analytics

Flame Analytics
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Empowering physical spaces with data intelligence

Flame is an advanced analytics platform for physical spaces that combines video and a broad range of data with AI to enhance decision-making and overall venue performance.

  • Flame helps you to measure traffic at all touch points: passers-by, venue’s visits, floors, zones and much more. Consistently build conversion funnels and benchmark different venues to get to know hidden best practices while enhancing staff planning. 

  • Flame helps you to understand the complete customer journey including how they navigate throughout the venue and engage in every specific area. It enables effective segmentation by gender, age and behaviors. Optimize venue’s design and identify the best product category and tenant mix.

  • Connect with your visitors and customers in your physical spaces, gather their contact information and send them segmented and personalized marketing campaigns based on their location, interests, gender, age or behavior.

Technology - HyperSensor® Track people through the venue while respecting their privacy.


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Beyond people counting.
Measure traffic accurately and optimize your business
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Customer Journey

Get a complete view of how visitors move through your physical spaces
Analyze customer flow and improve customer experience
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Connect with your visitors in physical spaces, gather their contact information, and send them personalized marketing campaigns tailored to their location, interests, gender, age, or behavior.