EXO Solutions, Inc

EXO Solutions, Inc
EXO Solutions, Inc
Booth # 374
Greenville, SC
United States

Welcome to the Future of Retail Checkout.


EXO is the new way to provide a top-tier customer checkout experience. Using RFID, customers are able to quickly transact, pay, and go – reducing checkout time by greater than 3x. In a world where guest experience is your most important differentiator, EXO empowers your customer to take control of their experience with speed. No more lines. No more hassle. The future is EXO. Let's Go!

How does it work?

EXO leverages the power of RFID to instantaneously scan all the items for a customer, eliminating the need to scan the individual barcodes of each product. Checkout times are reduced to the time it takes for the customer to pay. And customers are amazed at the ease and magic of the solution.

Visit our booth at NRF for an in-store experience!