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Every Store Perfect


Every Store Perfect
Booth # 1134
Palm Coast, FL
United States
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You only have two business levers to pull to impact the perfect shopper experience: your physical selling environment and your associates' behavior. Get them both right and you'll easily increase traffic, conversions, basket size, and margin. Get them both wrong, and your customers will keep increasing the share of their wallet to online buying sites.

Every Store Perfect provides a cloud based platform that accelerates and strengthens your ability to move both levers infinitely closer to perfection:

A workforce task management system that communicates your vision to every store with clarity, holds every employee accountable to executing against that vision, and provides complete shelf & store level visibility of your progress against your vision -- and --

A cloud-based training platform that promotes a culture of accountability, focused on the results you desire -- consistently perfect shopping experiences that produce consistently increasing traffic, conversions, basket size, and margin.

Stop by booth #1134 to see how this powerful software platform helps you Achieve Retail Greatness by Getting and Keeping Every Store Perfect.


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