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Time is priceless.

Creator of digital connected retail solutions for omnichannel management of customer journeys and their waiting conditions, we enable your customers to experience your brand on all channels, platforms, and devices seamlessly.

We imagine and develop innovative customer journey solutions to eliminate waiting lines and ensure a superior customer experience.

We work with retailers worldwide (Nespresso, Carrefour, FNAC, Decathlon, Leroy Merlin, Media Markt, Sephora…) to empower customers to ‘get in line’ from wherever they are and increase the profitability of the point of sale thanks to our powerful and collaborative SaaS platform.

  • Bridge the gap from online browsing to brick and mortar by giving customers the opportunity to interact across multiple touchpoints
  • Improve customer satisfaction by eliminating queues and providing personalized service
  • Optimize resource scheduling based on data store traffic
  • Gather contact information on shoppers and improve customer engagement

Press Releases

ESII will present its web to store solutions during Retail’s Big Show NRF

ESII will unveil its new connected and digital solutions to optimize the journey and the customer experience in Retail

LAVERUNE, France, November 22, 2021 – ESII, SAS, French leader in innovative customer journey solutions, is proud to announce its participation in Retail’s Big Show, NRF, from January 16 to 18, 2022 in association with Business France.


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ORION Appointment Scheduling

Deliver remarkable customer experiences with intelligent scheduling and appointment-driven personalization that helps you engage customers.
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ORION SmartWait, Digital Ticket

Engage and connect with customers where they spend most of their time—on their mobile devices—then deliver tailored experiences that keep them coming back for more.
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ORION Picking

Offer safe contactless order pickup from your store or curbside
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ORION Queuing Management System

Don’t Keep Your Customers Waiting
Decrease customer wait times, improve waiting line management, and increase revenues with ORION Queue Management Solutions