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Booth # 7025
New York, NY
United States
The World's First and Only On-Demand Fingerprinting Solution

At Entrupy, we know that your reputation is everything.  That's why we've built the world's only on-demand fingerprinting and authentication solution.  We help our clients safeguard their reputations by preventing fakes from entering their supply chain.  

Our fingerprinting process is simple and quick.  You simply capture an image on your product such as handbags, shoes, apparel, watches, jewelry, electronics, etc.  If that product comes back as a return, simply verify that it's the same product.  It's that simple. 


  • Microscopic Fingerprints: Based on unique surface data of a diverse range of products that cannot be replicated
  • Non-intrusive: No need to modify the physical product, enables low touch implementation without reliance on manufacturer source tagging
  • Simple to use: Portable, fast, user-friendly hardware and mobile application
  • Strong security guarantees: Near 100% accuracy protects your business from returns fraud

Come to our booth to learn more.  We'd love to provide you with a demo!