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New York, NY
United States
Endor is a predictive analytics platform that use Social Physics AI to automates the process of answering predictive business questions based on human behavior. The platform allows business users to ask any predictive question on customer data ("Who will become a big spender", "Who will buy our product?", "Who will churn?") and receive high-quality results same day instead of within weeks or months.

Endor is the first automated predictions engine that empowers businesses with fast and accurate intelligence to make informed business decisions. Leveraging Endor’s proprietary Social Physics technology, the company analyzes Big Data using artificial intelligence in order to find patterns in human behavior with unmatched accuracy and speed. Endor’s groundbreaking predictive analytics platform has the unique capability to compute on encrypted data thereby guaranteeing the security of sensitive data and GDPR compliance.

Since founded by MIT researchers in 2014, leading banks, large retailers and Fortune 500 companies such as Coca-Cola and Mastercard have utilized Endor to predict consumer behavior, make data-driven decisions and increase revenues.