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Emersya is an all-in-one 3D & AR product visualization and customization platform, which empowers retailers to leverage digital assets from product ideation to sales.

The platform offers a streamlined digital product development workflow that accelerates time to market, increases sustainability and automates the generation of production data & the creation of marketing content.

Brands can efficiently create, review, & approve their new product collections online & in real-time 3D, then use the same digital twins to create Interactive 3D & AR product experiences for eCommerce & Retail.

Consumer engagement skyrockets as customers can explore products from every angle, zoom-in closely on the details, simulate product features, visualize interior components & trigger exploded views.

The Emersya platform can also be used to create & manage unique product configurators and customization experiences. Consumers can switch among all available colors, materials & products options in real-time 3D, and even add custom text and images. Customers can instantly visualize their unique product in Augmented Reality.

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Interactive 3D Omni-channel shopping experiences

Emersya's Interactive 3D technology empowers consumers:
- to explore products from every angle
- zoom in on the details
- enjoy immersive storytelling
- try out product features in real-time
- discover exploded views
- switch seamlessly among colorways
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Web-based Augmented Reality experiences

Emersya’s Interactive AR technology empowers consumers to visualize products in their own real or virtual environments. Customers can check a product’s size in context, visualize the different options available & try out or try-on products in real-time.
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Advanced 3D Product Customization & Made-to-order

Emersya’s Interactive 3D technology empowers consumers to customize and configure products in real-time, add custom images, text & accessories, and visualize their final product in Augmented Reality.
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Collaborative Product Design & Merchandising

Emersya makes product development more efficient, collaborative & sustainable with an online solution for creating, reviewing & approving new product collections in Interactive 3D & AR. Brands can automatically generate production data & marketing content
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Virtual Photography at scale

Emersya’s Virtual photography solution empowers brands to automate the generation of photo-realistic product images. It is possible to generate images for any product configuration, from any position, with any background & any lighting set up.