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Indianapolis, IN
United States

Emarsys is the largest independent marketing platform company in the world. Our software enables truly personalized, one-to-one interactions between marketers and customers across all channels — building loyalty, enriching the customer journey, and increasing revenue. Our AI-enabled marketing platform offers an intuitive, easy-to-use solution for marketers, enabling companies to scale marketing decisions and actions far beyond human capabilities.

Founded in 2000, Emarsys makes it possible for more than 2,000 brands in over 70 countries to connect with their 2.5 billion customers around the world. Each day, we deliver more than 140 million personalized interactions across email, mobile, social and web, leading to 1.5 million daily purchase events on our software. The AI-enabled Emarsys platform continuously learns and improves with each interaction. Learn more about Emarsys at

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