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EcoCart is the category-leading ecommerce sustainability platform that enables online brands and retailers to calculate the carbon footprint of each of their individual orders and then leverage those calculations to create front-end experiences that drive conversions and facilitate loyalty. By understanding a business's manufacturing practices, the distance from its manufacturers to its warehouses, and the last-mile delivery method and distance from warehouse to end-consumer, EcoCart makes identifying the negative ecological impact of a business a science.

Once an online brand or retailer begins identifying their ecological footprint, they can then leverage that information to either offset their impact themself or ask their customers to offset the footprint of their order on their own through various projects and organizations that have been vetted and properly certified by EcoCart. Beyond the actual offset, EcoCart enables online brands and retailers to thread their sustainability initiative throughout their onsite experiences with impact pages, live impact counters, intuitive pop-ups, and more.