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United Kingdom

Dressipi is driving a step-change in personalization for fashion ecommerce. 

By understanding the unique complexity of fashion (think seasonality, trends, body types, taste etc), Dressipi helps retailers to show each visitor the items they’re most likely to buy - and keep. 

Products are automatically tagged with 3x more detail. Data is crunched at scale. Fashion expertise is overlaid. Dressipi does the heavy lifting so that their customers can stay ahead of the competition and enjoy higher profits. 

Today, Dressipi’s personalized recommendations and outfits outperform all competitors in A/B tests, and deliver incremental improvements to profit (+21%), revenue (+12%), returns (-15%) and full-priced sell-through rate (+10%).

Finally, personalized ecommerce that lives up to the hype.

To learn more, visit www.dressipi.com