Dress It Up Dressing

Dress It Up Dressing
Dress It Up Dressing
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Simple Ingredients.  Sophisticated Taste.

Dress It Up Dressing offers a line of six olive oil-based salad dressings made with simple ingredients and an impeccable attention to detail.  It is available at retailers nationwide and online, gracing the plates of thousands of loyal customers across the country. The products have garnered prestigious honors in the food industry, including accolades from the Good Food Foundation and Specialty Food Association, all while the business maintains an unwavering commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

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Champagne Vinaigrette

Does anything say "Dressed Up" quite like Champagne? Savory, sophisticated, and versatile, our best-selling Champagne Vinaigrette offers a mild and mellow flavor that is delicate, but difficult to ignore.
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Sesame Tahini Dressing

Have you ever tried something so exceptional, you changed all your plans? For us, that was this dressing. Vibrant and addictive, the award-winning Sesame Tahini Dressing is the secret sauce for fueling your culinary creativity.
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Red Wine Vinaigrette

If we made only one dressing, it would be this one. With its roots in a traditional French balsamic vinaigrette, this is the dressing that launched the business.
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Caesar Dressing

While we typically stay close to the classics, we felt Caesar needed to be updated away from the heavy standard and toward a healthy alternative. Our vegetarian Caesar recipe replaces anchovies with chia seeds and still delivers the same rich flavor.

Apple Cider Vinaigrette

Sometimes you need an extra jolt of flavor. Apple Cider is our boldest dressing; perfect for when you're looking for a strong vinaigrette to perk up a dish or match spicy greens.