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Do more with less using DPL’s Hercules platform featuring built-in RMS - referred to as the “gold standard” by operators. Our problem solving approach to engineering custom wireless and security hardware solutions is the cornerstone of our longstanding success in the ATM industry. Today, our products and managed wireless service can easily be deployed to support a wide range of applications within the convenience service industry but what we’re best at is solving customers’ problems! Visit us at booth #435 - we’d love to hear first hand, some of the day-to-day challenges that make you shake your head.

Press Releases

Hercules Smokes The Competition - Performs 9X Better In Field Trial

In late June of 2020 a DPL customer considering wireless vendors for their 3G upgrades and new ATM deployments asked if DPL would be willing to compete head-to-head against the competition in a field trial so they could make an informed decision about who to choose.

The customer wanted to see first-hand whether claims made by other independent ATM deployers of DPL being the “gold standard” for wireless ATM services could be substantiated.

Confident in our products and services, DPL welcomed the challenge without hesitation, and so, the stage was set.

Hercules AI Performs “Magic” For A&E Vending LLC

When A&E Vending was selecting a partner for their 3G upgrades, DPL’s Hercules AI system proved to be the difference maker. DPL unveiled Hercules AI at NAC2022, a conference organized by the National ATM Council (NAC), in Hollywood, Florida. ATM operators with early access to Hercules AI quickly praised the unique value it offered, “Hercules AI is like finding a star employee then cloning them dozens of times over”, said Daniel Bean, of A&E Vending.

ATM Operator Helps Police Take Down Crime Ring

On the morning of March 10th, 2021 one of our customers reached out to us, excited to share some happy news. The customer was watching as the police arrested 5 guys, and retrieved two ATMs. One of the ATMs was equipped with an intrusion detection and theft recovery device from DPL. 

New York ATM Doubles Down On DPL For 3G Upgrades

In evaluating 3G upgrade options, Jon Weilbaker, owner of New York ATM, has chosen to ditch the competition altogether in favor of DPL’s Hercules portfolio management platform. Despite not being the “cheapest” option, the decision to choose DPL was made based on the significant value the Hercules Platform offers in terms of increased uptime, fewer missed transactions, and overall operational efficiency. 


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4G LTE CAT-1, single SIM modem ideal for low data applications such as POS terminals, ATMs, vending machines, and wireless laundry facilities. Its performance in fringe areas has earned it a reputation for being the most reliable modem on the market.
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Hercules Duo

4G LTE CAT-4, dual carrier (including 2 SIMs), dual Ethernet, high throughput modem, ideal for applications requiring faster speeds and higher throughput such as bitcoin ATMs (BTMs), interactive teller machines (ITMs), and digital signage.
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Hercules Shield

4G LTE CAT-4, dual carrier (including 2 SIMs), dual Ethernet, high throughput modem with built-in security and GPS tracking, ideal for bitcoin ATMs (BTMs), interactive teller machines (ITMs), and digital signage.
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Hercules Portal

Manage your assets from anywhere using the Hercules Portal, loaded with standard features including RMS functionality, making it easier than ever to remotely manage your assets.
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Unlike traditional RMS reboot options, the Restart allows you to remotely reboot assets even if their operating system is frozen. Working in conjunction with Hercules modems, the Restart will save you thousands in tech dispatch and travel costs.