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Dor helps retailers understand customer traffic to their physical stores, giving them the tools they need to measure measure marketing effectiveness, optimize staffing to meet customer demand, and quantify their conversion rate.

Traditional camera-based solutions require thousands in up-front investment, weeks of installation time, and constant ongoing maintenance. Dor delivers industry leading accuracy with 80% less cost and 90% less time to deploy than camera-based solutions.

Dor uses proprietary thermal-based hardware backed by machine learning algorithms to deliver accurate data, regularly outperforming camera-based solutions. Additionally, because Dor runs on batteries and connects to a secure, out-of-the-box cellular network, Dor requires a fraction of the investment and time to deploy of other solutions, enabling retailers to get the data they need quickly and affordably.

Dor's agile hardware is backed by a powerful analytics platform that provides actionable insights into business performance, including predictive staffing elements, conversion rate assessments, and store performance comparisons. Dor updates every hour and is accessible on any device from anywhere at any time. Dor also enables seamless integrations with any business intelligence tools by providing a robust API.

With rapid deployment and low cost, Dor is leading the democratization of retail analytics by providing a solution that is powerful and scalable for enterprise retailers while still being accessible to independent retailers.

As Dor can grace any doorway, Dor is also helping innovative businesses in industries beyond retail, such as museums, libraries, and facilities to make sense of their foot traffic and optimize their workplaces.

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Dor is an accurate and affordable people counter backed by a powerful analytics platform designed to help you drive operational efficiencies and increase revenue.

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