Doggy Bathroom

Doggy Bathroom
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Montreal, QC

Your dog’s own private bathroom

Designed and made in Canada, Doggy Bathroom is an award-winning pet lifestyle brand with a commitment to design-forward thinking.

As the world’s first litter box for small dogs, Doggy Bathroom features custom vertical pee pads specially designed for vertical absorption — keeping everything contained in one small space. With 8 patents worldwide, the private ensuite is quickly becoming a must have for any pet parent and four-legged friend, ideal for apartments, condos and hotels. Doggy Bathroom is on a mission to enrich the relationship between dogs and owners because a well-balanced life includes man’s best friend. 

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Starter Kit

Your dog's own private bathroom.
The Doggy Bathroom is the only dog litter box for toy breeds including males who lift their leg. The easy-to-clean system lets you spend more time with your dog than cleaning up after them.
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Mini Starter Kit

Compact, Mini & Mighty!
Doggy Bathroom is excited to release the NEW Doggy Bathroom Mini. With all the benefits of the Original Doggy Bathroom, this miniature version was created for small dogs under 10lbs.
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The base of our new friendship!
Customize the Doggy Bathroom with one of our new colored bases made from sturdy non-slip rubber. The base can also be used as a pee pad holder for small female dogs or males that don’t lift their leg.
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Beyond cozy
Wrap your dog in love with our super soft microfibre towel. Our premium terrycloth custom fabric easily removes dirt from fur and quickly absorbs liquid.
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I love your home!
Keep your floors pristine with our custom multipurpose mats.