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Competitoor is a leading solution provider for Price&Market Intelligence selected by some of the most valuable brands and e-tailers in the world.

With our AI technology we give customers a measurable competitive advantage, delivering accurate data and a powerful worldwide tool to monitor their competitors, the market and make informed decisions, saving cost and time.

E-tailers can optimize pricing, catalog and advertising budget with a data-driven approach that generates up to 20% revenues and 8% profit margins.

Brands can protect their value and integrity, increase customer loyalty and save time spent benchmarking.

On the human side our personalized customer support and our extensive knowledge of customer and market needs is as vital as the technology used to achieve the goal.

Press Releases

Competitoor: The Fashion industries ally for market insight and monitoring

In the past 2 years Covid-19 has given a big hand in record e-commerce sales for the big fashion and luxury brands, since consumers were forced to carry out most of their purchases online.

Fashion is now the biggest B2C market segment for e-commerce and even if retail has regained market share, online sales are in continuous growth.


Brand Plan

The Brand Plan performs daily tracking of wholesale and marketplace price points on identical or similar items, and supports the definition of optimalpricing, products, and customer loyalty.

E-tailers Plan

The e-tailers Plan performs daily tracking of competitors' price points on identical or similar items. The Dynamic Pricing allows to optimize price strategy, increase sales revenue by 20%, margins by 8% and win new customers.

Benchmark Plan

Leverage the power of AI, to get an in-depth 360° look into competitors’assortment, discount, and pricing strategies. Hit the market on trend, time and on cost, maximizing profitability.

Merchandising Plan

The Merchandise Plan helps recognize opportunities driving value with the right mix of product, price, and promotion to support E-tailers’ category assortment strategies. It ensures that the assortment is competitive across all key price points.