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The DIGI/TERAOKA Group offers innovative products, solutions, and services for the retail, food industry, logistics, and hospitality industries, including retail scale printers, POS systems, mobile checkout solutions, electronic shelf labels (ESL), weigh-wrap-labelers, high speed indexers, and picking & sorting systems.

The company's roots date back to 1925, with the invention of the TERAOKA spring scale. Following many “world first” products, we have continued to create new standards. With “DIGI” as our global brand and trade name, we operate in nearly 150 countries around the world and have subsidiaries for R&D, manufacturing, and marketing in 15 countries. DIGI maintains a strong presence in the global retail business market by offering and supporting products tailored to a wide range of retailers, from specialty stores and supermarkets to hypermarkets. We also facilitate integration of retail data into the customer’s store management system to enhance retail operations. TERAOKA SEIKO CO., LTD. is the headquarters for DIGI/TERAOKA Group. There are 3,690 employees.