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Alpharetta, GA
United States

Deposco offers cloud-based software solutions that optimize fulfillment and supply chain operations for retailers, regardless of channels.  Deposco's Bright Suite is comprised of modules for order management, warehouse management, point-of-sale, analytics and a robust collection of over 60 packaged integrations, providing immediate value by: 1) driving revenue growth, 2) substantially improving service levels, and 3) significantly reducing operational costs.  Our Saas solution prevents inefficiency and improves operations to optimally allocate, source, and fulfill orders across a growing multitude of channels.Visit for a complete list. 

Only Deposco’s Bright Suite offers the Store-Based Omni-Channel Fulfillment and Returns (“SOFAR”) capabilities demanded within a nimble, transparent supply chain.  Find out why we won the Southeastern Software Association Award for supply chain innovation by providing clients the most innovative solutions for:

•       Real-time inventory visibility across all locations and channels

•       Simplified returns and allocation

•       Increases order throughput and accuracy

•       Quick integration of new channels of business

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