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DeepMarkIt Corp


DeepMarkIt Corp
Booth # 260
Calgary, AB

At DeepMarkit, we are dedicated to creating an environment where businesses can easily use games to promote their brand, engage their audiences and generate leads.

Our marketing platform is a turnkey solution that allows you to create an end-to-end campaign with a landing page, branded game, and giveaway rewards. All of these features will help you create a narrative around your brand, while generating leads, growing your audience, and creating a fun interaction.  

With over 15 years experience building world-class games along with extensive knowledge of e-commerce technology and marketing solutions, our team is comprised of highly experienced professionals.

Combining our love for games and marketing, our platform delivers a solution that’s not only cost-effective but also a powerful way to promote your brand, generate more leads and increase sales.

We’re a group of tech geeks, gamers, marketing experts and business leaders. Together, we bring years of experience to a young company and work relentlessly to help others succeed.

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