DeepBrain AI Inc.

DeepBrain AI Inc.
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Seoul, Gangnam-Gu
Korea (South)
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DeepBrain AI is an AI Human video synthesis company from South Korea that specializes in humanizing digital customer service and bridging the gap between enterprises and their customers. Its revolutionary two-way conversational AI solution is designed not only to project the same familiarity through both on-&-offline customer service but also personalized customer engagement as if it was a 1-on-1 in-person consultation. Since 2016, DeepBrain AI has attracted numerous leading companies as its clients in various industries including finance, retail, media, education, etc. The company has successfully raised $44 million in a Series B round at a post-money valuation of $180 million.

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AI Human & Conversational AI

AI Human is a two-way conversational AI engine that serves as an alternative for enterprises to interact and engage with their customers. This solution is deliverable via SDK for web and mobile applications and via physical extension in the form of both zero-touch & interactive AI Kiosks.

AI Human combines voice technology that embodies human speaking patterns, visualization technology that reproduces human appearance, and finally cognitive intelligence that enables unobstructed dialogue and Q&As.