Deep North

Deep North
Booth # 1853
San Carlos, CA
United States

At Deep North, we are a team of experts developing industry-specific software solutions using AI and Computer Vision to brick and mortar retailers. Deep North’s AI and Computer Vision platform leverages existing store cameras to help retailers optimize the performance of their physical stores by digitizing and analyzing shopper behavior and giving them the tools to act upon actionable, real-time insights. Deep North’s platform is used by Fortune 500 retailers for both strategic planning and day to day store management to boost in-store sales conversion, reduce costs and offer exceptional consumer experiences.

Deep North’s customers have witnessed more than 10% in-store conversion, significant cost savings and greater than 10X ROI. We are fully compliant with CCPA, GDPR and PII regulations.


Customer Journey

Track Objects within non overlapping camera network and determine path flows, dominant paths within store Track. Zone to Zone conversion – e.g., Fitting Room to Checkout.
Dwell, How long time visitors spend in stores and zones.

Loss Prevention

Perform real-time product count verification at self-checkout and real time flag for missed checkout.
Real time alerts and intuitive Safety & Security event discovery.

Product Engagement

How do shoppers engage and with what product and track journey to checkout.
What is the dwell time in the store and zone or end cap display.

Queue Analytics

Queue line length and wait time.
Alerts for additional register tills to be opened.
Line abandonment.

Parking and Traffic

Parking surveillance, alerts for unauthorized parking, curbside pickup, car traffic.