Deep North

Deep North
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Redwood City, CA
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Deep North is an intelligent video analytics company that is helping enterprises achieve true digital transformation by translating video data from their physical environments into real-time, actionable insights. Advanced video analytics can measure footfall, engagement, conversion and consumer experience at various locations such as retail stores, shopping centers, airports or restaurants. Deep North offers state-of-the art tools that go beyond by integrating video data with CRM, POS and other internal data to unlock superior business outcomes such as revenue growth and cost optimization.

Fortune 500 retailers frequently use Deep North’s Video Analytics platform for both strategic planning and day-to-day operational improvements. Deep North’s customers have witnessed more than 10% in-store conversion, thousands of dollars in cost savings to greater than 10X ROI.

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In-store Analytics

This product captures metrics such as store footfall, occupancy, customer demographics, store dwell time and shopper journey (including Pathflows and Heatmaps) with video cameras. The in-store data is provided on a web dashboard as well as a mobile app.