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Redmond, WA
United States

Better insights. Better decisions.

The future of retail begins with knowing the customer—or remembering the customer.

DecisionMinesTM for Retail helps enterprises create an effective strategy by modelling existing data, with an eye on the ROI and brand acceptance. Organizations can thus use data science to make better pricing decisions, understand customer purchasing behavior, predict the customer’s next move, and thereby take the next best action.

Prescriptive solutions

•   White-label Candidates

•   Workforce Management

Customer Retention

•   Campaign Optimization

•   Inventory Optimization


About DecisionMinesTM

DecisionMinesTM is one of the flagship solutions by Cybage. It is a prescriptive analytics solution that empowers business leaders to make informed decisions by synthesizing the Art of Judgment and the Science of Data.

With proven capabilities in providing cutting-edge technology solutions, Cybage is a globally recognized leading name in the Retail space.