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DataXstream has been in the SAP business for 25 years with operations in North and South America and EMEA. An SAP Gold Partner, Endorsed App Partner and 2020 Pinnacle Award winner, DataXstream produces SAP certified solutions with the mission of helping our customers be more successful. OMS+ is a cross channel order management and point of sale platform focused on improving the total experience for customers and customer service representatives. OMS+ is ideal for sales requiring high volume capabilities across multiple sales channels with real time visibility or specialty retail and luxury retail requiring high touch customer scenarios. By leveraging SAP’s Business Technology Platform, OMS+ provides tailored innovative solutions to create cohesive real-time data communication within SAP’s ERP.


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OMS+ is uniquely suited for high volume and/or high touch customer sales interactions. OMS+ streamlines complex order management and automates sales processes allowing sales reps to respond quickly and focus on the customer.