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CrewSafe invents tomorrow’s products to protect and improve your bottom line today. 

We believe CrewSafe should and can have a positive impact on the bottom line of each of our customers by developing ground-breaking products that improve safety and processes in large multi-location enterprises.

Using our Innovation Team and Technology Partner Network, we combine forces to develop and manufacture products that reduce costs associated with medical, lost time and legal losses due to workplace injuries and operational process inefficiencies.

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Viper Safety Bag Opener

Our Viper Safety bag opener was developed to reduce cross-contamination when opening bags or packages of food, and to protect the user against laceration injuries.
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CrewSafe Safety Utility Knife

Our ‘one-cut’ safety utility knife was developed as a safe alternative to standard utility knives, minimizing loose razors blades in the workplace and reducing product contamination.
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Viper® PRO Multi-Purpose Safety Cutter

Our all-in-one Viper PRO multi-purpose tool was developed to safely and efficiently open bagged foods, packaging and shrink wrap. The patented design minimizes laceration injuries and significantly lowers the risk of cross-contamination.
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TESS® Tool (Testing Emergency Safety Systems)

Testing emergency equipment can be dangerous and time-consuming. Our TESS Tool (Testing Emergency Safety Systems) decreases the time it takes to test emergency equipment and keeps employees on the ground, minimizing the risk of costly ladder accidents.