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Coursa Retail


Coursa Retail
Coursa Retail
Booth # 2842
San Jose, CA
United States
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In-aisle shopper and associate insights; zero hardware

Coursa Retail's mobile SDK and SaaS platform integrates into your existing mobile app and uses the motion sensors already in your customers’ smartphones to capture category engagement, step-by-step shopper path and dwell analytics with meter-level accuracy.

Coursa's new and innovative approach eliminates the need for any in-store systems or technology enabling rapid and cost efficient scale to hundreds or thousands of stores.

Coursa helps retailers, brands and digital ad platforms to:

  1. Improve offline attribution by tracking in-store shoppers to-the-shelf.
  2. Identify in-store missed conversions by tracking all products/categories a shopper visits in-store.
  3. Improve personalization by recording a shopper’s entire walking path and dwell points across all store visits.
  4. Measure store performance by tracking category/aisle/department foot traffic. A/B test the effectiveness of store and product mix changes.