Countwise LLC

Countwise LLC
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Sunrise, FL
United States

CountWise is an established and trusted multinational company headquartered in Florida.  We are the globally recognized leader in the area of customer centric insights, having worked in this industry for over 18 years.

Today, we have over 100,000 installations around the world serving prestigious brands and varied verticals.  We partner with our clients to identify opportunity whilst helping to improve customer service levels with smarter solutions and business analytics.



A multi-zoned bi-directional pedestrian traffic counting solution.


A multi-lane solution monitoring the number of buying units within a queue and also their wait times.


Monitors in real-time the number of customers being served and their service times.

Business Analytics

A dedicated online business intelligence tool which aggregates operational data sets from current and legacy systems into one centralized point, allowing retailers to view events within a specific category, market, and store, within seconds.


Our solution provides heat map analytics which tracks the customers journey through major areas of interest.