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Cloud4Feed is an AI driven voice of customer and employee platform that helps businesses to enhance their customer and employee experience by analyzing continuous and real-time feedback.

Omni-channel options and dynamic workflows allow the customization of feedback channels at every customer touchpoint while a user-friendly interface helps businesses configure everything self-service.

Cloud4Feed's ready built integrations, survey and communication templates enables a no-touch onboarding process to be configured in a few days instead of months.

Cloud4Feed’s functionalities to close the feedback loop will enable you to locate all unsatisfied customers, act on their feedback instantly and increase loyalty and retention.

Cloud4Feed’s machine learning-based advanced analytics combines quantitative metrics with open-ended text classifications and helps organizations prioritize and optimize their resources to increase customer loyalty and employee engagement.

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Cloud4Feed enables retailers to collect high volume of feedback from every touchpoint and increase loyalty and retention with AI driven insights