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Cambridge Retail Advisors
Cambridge Retail Advisors
Booth # 6551
Wilmington, DE
United States

With decades of retail-specific expertise, Cambridge Retail Advisors (CRA) provides world-class strategy, selection, integration, implementation, and support. CRA helps retailers utilize today’s best tech to improve operations, boost  profits, and elevate the employee and customer experience. CRA offers QA as a Service (QAaaS) to cut implementation time by up to 25% for retailers and solutions vendors. QAaaS reduces pilot and rollout issues.

Meet Vestico and Dialogica, two of CRA's premier partners with game-changing innovations:

Vestico: Reduce returns by up to 17% and increase conversions by up to 45%. Vestico's AI-driven, hyper-personalized solution makes fashion eCommerce inclusive and social-powered through a UGC size-and-fit solution.

Dialogica: Use in-store video analytics to capture shopper behavior in the aisles at the moment of truth. Dashboards point to better merchandising and conversions.

Visit CRA and try out Vestico and Dialogica at Booth 6551 (near SONY on the 3rd floor).

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QAaaS (Quality Assurance as a Service)

CRA's Quality Assurance as a Service (QAaaS) eliminates common QA bottlenecks leading to 25% faster delivery and dramatically fewer issues. Full-service, multi-method testing ensures seamless collaboration from business requirements to go-live.
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Vestico FashionTech and BeautyTech

Vestico helps online fashion and beauty retailers increase conversions, reduce returns, and personalize experiences through AI and user-generated content. Shoppers can see how products look and fit on people like them, increasing engagement and sales.
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Dialogica - In-store Shopper Behavior & Analytics

Dialogica: the ultimate system for gain deeper insights into customer behavior and actions. With Dialogica, retailers can improve conversions and merchandising decisions, boost planogram value, and gain CPG display insights. Non-invasive data collection.