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C2RO | Transforming the Physical World into Actionable Data

C2RO™ is the market leader in Privacy-Aware, AI-powered Video Analytics for physical spaces using proprietary edge-cloud AI and computer vision technologies. The C2RO™ biometric-free solutions are built for scale and reuse existing surveillance cameras while being compliant with the most restrictive data privacy regulations in the world such as GDPR. 

C2RO™ is rolling out its flagship AI-SaaS software platform C2RO PERCEIVE™ with top Retailers globally. C2RO PERCEIVE™ is the most advanced AI-based video analytics solution in the world designed to provide game-changing analysis capabilities for human behavior in physical spaces while respecting the data privacy rights of individuals.

C2RO™ was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Montreal, Canada, a global hub for Artificial Intelligence. C2RO™ was listed as the 2020s most pioneering AI video-analytics solution by Corporate Vision and one of the most trusted retail technology providers in the world by CIO Techie magazine.