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Booth # 6042
Montreal, QC

C2RO is a high-tech software start-up, based in Montreal and founded by Dr. Soodeh Farokhi in 2016. It has developed a proprietary global machine vision AI platform that offers enterprise SaaS solution. The company’s main product, C2RO Perceive, the Google Analytics for physical spaces, is enabling the digital transformation of the physical retail, shopping malls, smart city and enterprise market. The innovative machine vision platform anonymously captures visitors’ journey by demographic class by reusing existing surveillance cameras while staying compliant to even the most restricting data privacy regulations in the world. The product has been deployed in tier 1 customer sites and malls all over the world including Europe.


C2RO Perceive™

Designed especially for Retail & Mall establishments, this machine vision platform anonymously captures visitor journeys using existing surveillance cameras and complies to even the most restrictive data privacy regulations.

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