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ByondXR is a metaverse shopping and e-commerce pioneer that transforms retail creating virtual environments mimicking real-life stores or newly created worlds. ByondXR has developed engaging experiences for consumers to browse products online, build memorable connections with brands, explore inclusivity & accessibility, and decorate their homes more efficiently. The customizable 3D platform takes consumers on an interactive journey recreated with photorealism, immersive design, and gamification. It supports the beta deployment of virtual stores onto the leading new platforms and virtual worlds like Roblox, Decentraland, Zepeto, etc. The platform enables users & partners to fully manage and configure their virtual stores by adding plugins, features, visuals, carts, etc. Controlling plugins lets users add their own e-commerce, media, and other elements; and provides powerful analytics that takes measuring results and stores optimization to a new level. This innovative technology has been used by Target, The Coca-Cola Company, L'Oreal, YSL, NARS, VidaGlow, Mondelez, Kiehls, Caesarstone, and more. For more information visit

Press Releases

ByondXR Showcases the First Real-Life Full Metaverse Shopping Experience

NEW YORK, NY / September 13, 2022 / ByondXR, the leading immersive e-commerce platform helping brands and retailers create virtual shopping experiences, partnered with Deutsche Telekom to create the first real-life full metaverse shopping experience. Represented with six facets of metaverse shopping, the ByondXR experience gradually introduces how the same physical store will look and feel in AR, 3D Web, Web3, Full 3D, and VR.


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XR Virtual Stores

XR Virtual Stores are true-to-life 3D shoppable environments with an interactive shopping journey, engaging and immersive experiences.
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XR Virtual Showroom

Turn your business offer into a lively story with realistic 3D products that can be interacted with and provide the most comprehensive details in every step of your buyer’s journey.
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XR Visualizer

Manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers can now provide a superior wall-to-wall experience to delight clients in an environment that alleviates decision-making and forms a memorable brand connection.