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Bottom Line Experts


Bottom Line Experts
Bottom Line Experts
Booth # 1026
Swanton, OH
United States
Do you ship Small Parcel? BLX will save 22% on Parcel Costs.

Bottom Line Experts (BLX) specializes in helping retailers reduce their Small Parcel Shipping costs by negotiating a more favorable UPS / FedEx contract.  BLX's parcel team has worked with many of the largest retailers in the country:  PING, Lenovo, TempurPedic, Pandora, Subway, Office Depot, Carhartt, Gorilla Glue, etc.

BLX’s parcel auditing team is comprised of 75 professionals, most whom came directly from UPS and FedEx in their pricing, analytics and sales management departments.  BLX knows the MARGIN the carrier is making on your account today.  More importantly, we know the LOWEST MARGIN that the carrier will accept for your parcel volume and will secure a new contract at the lowest rates possible.  We’ve achieved 90% success rate and deliver 22% average annual savings on Small Parcel Shipping.

Bottom Line Experts.

Improving Your Bottom Line, One Expense at a Time.