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Bosch Security Systems


Bosch Security Systems
Booth # 4059
Fairport, NY
United States
Visit Bosch for store analytics for merchandising/operations

Bosch’s In-Store Analytics solution empowers retailers with actionable data to improve shopper experience and increase sales.

Merchandising analytics

Traffic visualizations show where shoppers walk and identify areas where product visibility needs to be improved. Flow analysis enables insight into how customers navigate individual departments and the adjustments needed to achieve the intended path. Granular metrics measure the performance of displays, providing best practice product placement and presentation. Marketing, merchandising and store design can be optimized to increase engagement and sales conversion.

Operations analytics

In-Store Analytics tracks and analyzes shopper movements to help operations managers make staffing decisions, meet service expectations, and track service quality. It allows managers to optimize the checkout experience with advanced queue metrics, including line length and drop-outs, which enable monitoring and optimizing queues across stores to meet customer expectations.