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Booth AI enables companies to supercharge their creative output with a cutting-edge, generative-AI powered image production platform. As demand for photography that is tailored to a given audience, occasion, and circumstance explodes, companies have been forced to stretch budgets with processes that simply do not scale. Booth AI replaces complicated, labor intensive, time consuming and expensive commercial product lifestyle photoshoots with a solution that allows businesses to nimbly and inexpensively generate hyper-personalized images for any application. With the easy-to- use, web-based Booth AI app, brand managers, merchandisers, and marketers can produce beautiful lifestyle images in a matter of seconds at a fraction of the cost of traditional photoshoots.

With Booth AI, customers can:

  • Supercharge image production

  • Drive down creative costs

  • Hyper-personalize content


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Booth AI

Booth AI is a SaaS image production platform that enables companies to slash their spending and radically scale production of visual content through the use of Generative AI.