BlueZoo, Inc

BlueZoo, Inc
Booth # 852
Menlo Park, CA
United States

BlueZoo Inc delivers accurate, privacy-protecting, and cost-efficient counts of shoppers.  BlueZoo counts mobile phones as a proxy for people without requiring any app on the consumer’s mobile phone.  Each BlueZoo sensor has a detection zone of adjustable size for which BlueZoo’s cloud software measures visits/impressions, occupancy, dwell time, and unique visitors.  BlueZoo also measures foot traffic from sensor to sensor.

BlueZoo sensors are delivered either as BlueZoo proprietary hardware or as firmware on supported platforms, such as BrightSign.  Retailers use BlueZoo to improve conversions, margins, and operations.  For digital signage, BlueZoo measures campaigns’ impressions, reach, and frequency.   

BlueZoo is based in Menlo Park, California, and delivers solutions to retailing, advertising, and the insurance industry.  BlueZoo is GDPR-certified by ePrivacy GmbH.