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Sponsor of Column Wrap Graphics empowers a wide range of companies with high-level analytics regarding foot traffic in their buildings and their open spaces. This information is real time, and delivered online. It tells brands, retail outlets, clubs, restaurants, cities, venues, airports, event managers, sports stadiums, etc. how many people are present in the defined area. It triggers actions like alerts when occupancy reaches the defined limit and can be integrated in third-party hardware. Our customers  not only know how many people are on their site, but they can also send messages to them instantly on their smartphones. Our technology is way ahead of bluetooth. Our system does not require it. Moreover, customer smartphones do not even need to be connected to the location’s Wi-FI network, nor a specific app to be installed. With BlueFox, you connect with your consumers in their present moment. They welcome your messages because they are time-based, relevant and they opted in before. serves verticals such as Retail, Hospitality, Smart Cities, and Advertising in the Americas, Europe and Asia. It received numerous awards such as the 2017 Murphy Award by the Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce - Sunnyvale for Outstanding Retail Technology.

No Beacons, No apps, and privacy friendly!


BlueFox Count

Increase Productivity, Measure efficiencies, and improve customer experience!
We count people in real time and provide traffic analytics by counting smartphones. BlueFox Count triggers alerts, actions, and can integrate with third-party hardware.

BlueFox Engage

No Apps, No Beacons. Customer Engagement made Simple!
Increase Sales, Grow traffic and Customer Loyalty
Send messages as shoppers approach your stores or products. One opt-in for multi-location campaigns. Simpler and privacy friendly!

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