Bloo Kanoo LLC

Bloo Kanoo LLC
Bloo Kanoo LLC
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Lisle, IL
United States

Bloo Kanoo is a leading provider of shoppable, live and recorded video technology that can be implemented with little to no code and runs directly on a retailer's existing ecommerce sites. Bloo Kanoo is the first company to enable online retailers to conduct both shoppable videoconferences and "lives," as well as convert their existing libraries of YouTube and Vimeo videos into shoppable videos. With Bloo Kanoo, retailers can see guest carts during all shoppable livestreams, conduct multiple livestreams concurrently, all without "loading" or "linking" products before each livestream. Leverage the power of live and recorded video to humanize the ecommerce experience and meet your customers in the comfort of anywhere.



It's like Zoom but on your ecommerce platform, AND you can see your guests' carts during the event AND there's no loading or linking of products prior to each shoppable videoconference. Greater engagement. Increased loyalty. Higher AOV. Lower returns.


It's like FBLive or Amazon Live but under your direct control, on your ecommerce platform and websites, AND you can see your guests' carts during the event AND you don't have to load or link products each time you go Live!


Convert your existing library of YouTube or Vimeo videos into shoppable videos and let them sell for you, on your website, without every leaving or pausing the video!