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Beijing Counect International Technology Co. Ltd.


Beijing Counect International Technology Co. Ltd.
Beijing Counect International Technology Co. Ltd.
Booth # 1504
Beijing, Beijing
Welcome to Counect booth 1504. We provide you data solutions

Beijing Counect International Technology Ltd., a technology-innovative company focused on retail integrated formats, provides clients with total solutions for sales data collection and smart analytics services. With a comprehensive understanding of Internet data technology and in-depth research on traditional shopping center users, the founding team evaluates the feasibility of technology and taps the needs of users, and is committed to connecting advanced Internet data technologies and intelligent information needs of shopping centers. 

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NRF2019 is coming soon: Counect International will create a great business management system for you!

In recent years, with the development of global Internet technology, the new retail model of in-depth integration of online services, offline experience and modern logistics has become the slogan of the global retail industry through the use of advanced technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence.