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BEA Inc.


BEA Inc.
Booth # 842
Pittsburgh, PA
United States
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BEA, Inc., the worldwide leader in activation and safety sensors for automatic doors, will be introducing the Sigma at this year's NRF Expo.

The Sigma is a state-of-the-art people counting solution designed with accuracy, ease-of-use and accessibility in mind. The Sigma sets up in minutes via a mobile app... no network connectivity? No problem. 

This people counting solution utilizes LASER-based, time-of-flight technology, which creates a highly accurate, autonomous detection field.  The sensor's data transfers instantly to a centralized network where it can be analyzed to better promote, manage and understand your retail space.

To learn more about the Sigma and BEA's other retail sensing solutions, visit BEA, Inc. at booth 842.

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