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BEA Inc.


BEA Inc.
Booth # 729
Pittsburgh, PA
United States
Accurate, flexible and dependable people counting solutions

As the worldwide leader in sensing technology for automatic doors, BEA recently introduced the LZR-SIGMA, a cloud-based sensor designed for the people counting market. 

The highly accurate counting solution relies on LASER-based technology to create adaptable counting fields that can be used in a variety of retail applications, regardless of weather, climate or ground reflectivity. Account creation and sensor validation for installers is a breeze with our mobile app, where client information and counting data is easily accessed.  Our online management platform, allows you to manage devices and users, securely and effectively.

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From door to shelf, BEA also utilizes its LASER solutions for product analytics. With BEA's LZR-FLATSCAN U, analysts can interpret data and effectively manage inventory control, product replenishment and product performance. When paired with planogram software, you can easily interpret shopping patterns within the X and Y coordinates of LZR-FLATSCAN U's detection field.

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