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Balancas Marques
Balancas Marques
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For us, a scale goes far beyond weight. When we think of scales, we think of Innovation, Future and World. When we think of scales we think of New Methods of Payment, Wireless Technology, Data Collection and Automation. When we think of scales, we think of your industry, your supermarket or your butcher shop. For us, the scale is part of the family.

Weighing Review Awards 2019
Best Weighing Company
Best Retail Scale 
Best Truck Scale/Weighbridge
Best Weighing Software/Solution

Our Mission

To add value to the weighing world by innovating through the development, production and commercialization of instruments and services that our customers are proud to use.

Our Vision

Maintain and strengthen the position among the main European players.
Continue at the forefront of the technological development in the sector.
Attract and retain the best talent, promoting a professional and competitive environment, without giving away the family values and principles.
Be recognized as a socially responsible company, which contributes actively to the well-being of the surrounding community.

Our Values

One Group, One Family.
Integrity and Rigor.
Innovation and Excellence