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At Bakkt, we’re building what’s next for customer engagement.

We saw the way brands were engaging customers and believed there had to be a better way. We start with understanding today's consumer, how best to meet them where they are, and how to help our business partners meet them there.

With our technology, we unlock the utility of crypto and other assets to help business partners bring delightful new opportunities to their consumers that can drive deeper engagement.

Why not buy and sell crypto directly in your bank's app? Why not redeem your loyalty points for travel? Why not earn rewards in crypto, cash—or both?

We build the products that help businesses scale connected customer experiences in the digital economy. We’re seasoned experts. We’ve worked with hundreds of partners. And we’re just getting started.


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Bakkt® Apple Rewards

Partner with Bakkt to deliver Apple products to your customers. With the Apple Rewards Store, your customers can redeem loyalty currencies or use split-pay for the latest Apple products.

Bakkt® Travel Rewards

Help your customers get the most out of their rewards with options to redeem for travel with points, cash, or split-pay. Bakkt® Travel Rewards is a full-service travel platform with the support you need to get your customers where they want to go.

Bakkt® Merchandise Rewards

Customers get the most out of their rewards when they can shop with loyalty currency and split tender. Bakkt® Merchandise Rewards delivers flexible, customizable storefronts with over one million items to choose from.
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Bakkt® Crypto Rewards

Connect rewards with crypto to create your next-generation loyalty ecosystem. With Bakkt® Crypto Rewards, you can let customers redeem loyalty points for crypto—or even reward them with crypto directly.

Bakkt® Gift Card Rewards

Offer your customers gift cards available for redemption, cash purchase, or split pay. Bakkt® Gift Card Rewards delivers options across retailers and restaurants throughout the U.S.