Axsium Group

Axsium Group
Booth # 1525
Toronto, ON
Bronze Level Sponsor
Axsium is the Workforce Management partner of choice for organizations that want to realize the potential of their workforce. We maximize the impact of your WFM solutions, increase the productivity of your people, support your operations team through every challenge you face, and empower you with our leading WFM and labor products. Swing by our booth for a free demo of Planara - our powerful new labour planning and analytics solution.



Opus is the perfect platform for building and managing your labor model. Purpose-built by Axsium, Opus develops and manages the hundreds or thousands of labor standards that make up your organization’s labor model.


Planara is Axsium’s labor planning and analytics solution. This revolutionary platform accelerates your labor planning processes, optimizes your location-level allocations, and ensures you meet your labor objectives.


Studia is Axsium’s purpose-built data collection app. Create and execute precise studies of your on-the-ground operations with this sleek and accurate platform.