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Avidbots Corp
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Kitchener, ON

Avidbots designs, manufactures, sells and supports autonomous connected robots that expand human potential. Its ground-breaking product is Neo™, a fully autonomous floor-scrubbing robot widely deployed by the world’s leading facilities, including airports, warehouses, manufacturing sites, malls, universities and other commercial spaces worldwide.

The Neo 2 fully autonomous commercial robot floor scrubber turns conventional floor cleaning upside down. Neo 2 is so much more than your typical walk-behind floor scrubber. Powered by the Avidbots AI Platform, Neo 2 fully automates the floor cleaning process. Leave floor care to Neo 2, and let your team focus on higher-value tasks! 

Expand your team’s human potential with Neo 2!


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Neo 2

Supporting smart navigation, easy operation and a versatile range of cleaning features, the Neo 2 autonomous floor scrubbing robot from Avidbots deliver an efficient, consistent and measurable clean letting your team focus on what they do best!