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Avatria builds data-driven products that leverage machine learning to solve complex eCommerce challenges with innovative approaches. We have recently launched Avatria Convert, a product that adds intelligence to category pages and search results by automatically showing customers the products they are looking for. Convert requires minimal development effort, is platform agnostic and allows your customers to spend less time looking for products and more time enjoying their shopping experience. 

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Free eCommerce Personalized Tag Assessment

Do you know:

  • Where customers drop off in the shopping funnel?
  • How often specific products are viewed on category pages, carousels, and search results?
  • Which product detail pages perform the best?
  • The purchase-to-impression rate for every product in your catalog?

As an eCommerce site, insights like these can make all the difference.  

Avatria is offering FREE personalized tag assessments for NRF 2020 attendees.  Let an eCommerce analytics expert show you exactly how you can improve your data capabilities.  Sign up here:


Avatria Convert

Avatria Convert improves conversion on your eCommerce site's category and search results pages. Our machine learning technology uses your shopping data to determine what products are most likely to purchased and moves them to the top of the page.