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Atriny LLC
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We are a multivendor integrator company, and we’ve been automating retail business for more than 15 years. Our holding includes 5 companies in 10 countries on 3 continents. We provide a full range of services from audit and consulting, development of own products, implementation, and data analytics to support and development of local modifications.


Our team implements highly specialized professional retail products and, as well as presents our own developments to you - SaaS product Freshto (shelf life management & control)  and analytical platform of solutions - Numberz.

At least 70 percent of our team came from retail. We transform the accumulated experience into our own solutions that provide a holistic approach to the process, optimize working time, and are available in use. Our solutions have elements that complement our customers' Enterprise solutions and improve their business processes.

We help our customers increase income from USD 500 million per year and more after the implementation of our products. 

We cooperate with TOP retailers, in each of the markets: ATB, Novus, Magnum, ToiMart, Bravo, Linella.

Press Releases

Atriny Group will present the new products at NRF 2023 Retail's Big Show in New York

Atriny Group, as part of the large-scale event NRF 2023 Retail's Big Show, presents its new Numberz Range software product, a powerful digital tool for assortment analysis based on BI. By modeling the store's assortment based on customer behavior, the system allows for more efficient use of shelf space, increasing sales and increasing profits.

Automation of expiration dates with Freshto: easier, faster, more economical

Atriny Group, as part of the grandiose event NRF 2023 Retail's Big Show, presents its new product Freshto, a cloud service for expiration date control, which greatly simplifies the work of the sales floor manager and store manager.

Freshto – is an application that puts the complex, time-consuming process of checking expiration dates into automatic mode. Its use does not require much effort. It is enough just to enter the worst expiration date of the goods into the system once when replenishing the shelf.


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A fresh item management solution that allows you to control the expiration dates of goods.
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Num8erz.PromoBoost - intelligent Retail Promo planning, forecasting, analysis tool.
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Num8erz.OSA - On-shelf product availability control service for offline stores.
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Num8erz.Range - Digital tool that automates time-consuming category manager's tasks.