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Arm, Inc


Arm, Inc
Arm, Inc
Booths 1325,1824
San Jose, CA
United States
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Arm technology is at the heart of a computing and connectivity revolution that is transforming the way people live and businesses operate.

Our advanced, energy-efficient processor designs are enabling the intelligence in 100 billion silicon chips and securely powering products from the sensor to the smartphone to the supercomputer. With more than 1,000 technology partners including the world's largest business and consumer brands, we are driving Arm innovation into all areas compute is happening inside the chip, the network and the cloud.

Arm's IoT platform provides a secure foundation for enterprise IoT and includes the operating system, cloud services, tools and developer ecosystem necessary for the creation and deployment of commercial, standards-based IoT solutions at scale. Supported by 70+ partners and a community of 280,000+ developers, Arm is ideally positioned as the leading ecosystem for IoT device creation, deployment and management.

Products & Services Categories: Big Data, Data Processing, In-Store Analytics