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Ariadne Maps GmbH
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Munich, Bavaria

Precise and anonymous crowd analytics without the need for application, network connection and cameras made possible!

Ariadne Maps has been working for top companies such as IKEA, Deka, Intersport, Praktiker, Verizon, SAP on customer analytics, navigation and engagement.

Ariadne Maps is a privacy-focused company that provides an omnichannel solution for physical businesses (e.g. malls, airports, retailers) that covers the holistic journey of their visitors. Ariadne's solution anonymously and precisely tracks the customers' online and on-premises activities, without application, network connection or cameras, and enables companies to optimize their operations and revenues.

With a single solution, Ariadne can provide:

  • Number of people (footfall)
  • Dwell time per area
  • Heatmap
  • Transitions between areas
  • Push notifications/marketing material to your visitors
  • Navigation (Browser based)
  • Catchment area
  • Social distancing
  • Optimal employee scheduling
  • Loyalty rate (revisits)
  • And many more...
  • Anonymous and GDPR compliant data (certified)

  • No need for app installation or network connection (passive)


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Precise People Counting

People counting is the most basic feature of Ariadne Maps. Countless benchmarks by our top customers prove our people counting accuracy to be over 95%. 

Feel free to contact us for a precise, cost-effective and scalable people counting solution.
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Omnichannel Customer Analytics

Ariadne Analytics is the core component of the Ariadne Platform. With this feature, Ariadne Maps generates detailed, comprehensive and privacy compliant indoor analytics of your business.
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Occupancy Management

With Ariadne's highly accurate solution, you can manage the occupancy with ease in your premises.
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Indoor Navigation

Ariadne Navigation is the second component of the Ariadne Platform. With this feature, Ariadne Maps creates browser-based indoor navigation for your business, which can also be used in outdoor spaces.
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Customer Engagement

Ariadne Engagement is the last component of the Ariadne Platform. With this feature, Ariadne Maps lets your customers engage with you via an opt-in portal.