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Appriss Retail
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Irvine, CA
United States
Matt Wisz and Jim Oldham welcome you to a profitable 2019.

Protect margin. Unlock sales. Cut shrink.

Make better-informed, real-time decisions with unparalleled industry and data science expertise, and the world’s largest retail transaction database.


Secure Store 5

Retailers worldwide use Secure Store. It provides immediate insight into your organization’s most critical data. Secure has a high retention rate and is used in more than 44,000 retail locations worldwide.

Verify 5

Verify returns makes the return process fast, accurate, and easy for your "good" and "best" customers while protecting your company from fraud. This patented solution saves each of our clients tens of millions of dollars annually.


Incent delivers intelligent, customized incentives in real-time at the end of a return transaction. It is optimized to keep shoppers in the store and buying. Incent lifts same store sales.


RTI solves the problem all retailers face, which is how to gather the data from stores and other remote locations and supply them to the retailer’s advanced analytics systems in real-time.