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Booth # 600
Acton, MA
United States
ANT USA Inc - home of the Buyers Toolbox/RWM Solution Suite

ANT USA develops best of breed, powerful yet affordable solutions for the Retail, Wholesale and MultiChannel industries. Hundreds of solutions implemented and supported worldwide, both Online and OnPremise.

  1. Merchandise Planning
  2. Assortment Planning
  3. Affordable Open To Buy
  4. AI-powered Planning Robot
  5. DC to Store Replenishment
  6. Vendor to DC Replenishment
  7. DC to Store Allocation
  8. Retail Task Management
  9. HQ to Store Communications
  10. Sales Forecasting
  11. Price and Profit Optimization
  12. Cannibalization/Affinity Analytics
  13. Lost Sales Analysis
  14. Integrated BI
  15. Inbound/Outbound Data Transformation



Buyers Toolbox AP

Powerful, flexible, yet affordable Merchandise & Assortment Planning. Suitable for any level of planing and OTB complexity. Available worldwide. Upgrade ANY Merchandise Planning system, integrates to all major ERP/merchandising systems