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San Francisco, CA
United States

TO SIMPLIFY & ENRICH THE WAY WE CONNECT BRANDS, PRODUCTS, AND PEOPLE. That’s our mission. It’s challenging, but we believe it’s worthy work to rethink, transform, and unbound new value in the tools and experiences we encounter daily in our lives, both as marketers and consumers.

ALPHA is s mobile-first Connection Clienteling platform that simplifies and enriches the Sales Associate vs. Clients relationship. With ALPHA, sales associates extend a "Red Carpet" like shopping experience to their clients — a bespoke communication channel filled with product inspiration, client requests, style sessions, and one-click buy & try capabilities.

We were founded in 2021 between Florence and San Francisco to bring to all our partners and clients what we learned in the past 20+ years working in luxury, retail and digital.  ALPHA wants to remove the dry complexity, revalue the human touch and personal connections, and redefine what digital tools and experiences mean in luxury. We provide innovative tools and shopping services to keep Brand/SA + Clients engaged in inspiring conversations about products and style.

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